The importance of air purifiers in India cannot be overemphasized due to the increase in air pollution in the nation. The rate at which India’s air quality is degrading is alarming. China was once the most polluted country when it comes to air quality; but recently, India has taken that spot.

What are the best air purifiers in India? The best air purifiers in the market include:

Concerning air pollution, most people believe it is all about vehicular, industrial, and other forms of outdoor pollution. To some extent, this is true. But have you ever thought about the extent to which the indoor air which you breathe in at home is polluted? We all expect it to be pure, which is a wrong notion; it could be worse compared to outdoor air

The process of choosing an air purifier could be difficult and confusing due to the countless products from different brands on the market. This is why we have taken our time to review the 5 best air purifiers in India to save you the stress.

5 Best Air Purifiers in India with Reviews

Dyson Pure Wi-Fi Enabled Cool Link Tower Air Purifier

If you have been searching for an air purifier to help you get rid of pollutants of PM 0.1 in size, then the Dyson Pure Wi-Fi Enabled Cool Link Tower Air Purifier is for you. This device helps to project, as well as circulate purified air all through the room utilizing the Air Multiplier technology.

One significant aspect of the air purification process is the face velocity at which air gets forced into the filters. The issue is that the face velocity of most air purifiers out there is high, which can cause small ultrafine pollutants of about PM 0.1 to find their way back in.

This is why this air purifier from Dyson is special as it comes with a low face velocity, as well as a very efficient HEPA filter. With its filtering technology, dangerous pollutants stay in the screen, ensuring that they never re-enter the room.

With the Dyson Link App, this air purifier is easily monitored. It helps you see the metrics of air quality live, as well as monitor the air quality that circulates in the room. One great feature of this air purifier is the presence of a glass HEPA filter that is both 3600 vacuum-sealed and Tris-coated with activated carbon to help trap very small contaminants.

Its Air Multiplier technology makes sure that the air projected is strong enough. The Oscillation feature quickly helps in the circulation of the purified air all through the room. You can never get it wrong with this air purifier because it has been endorsed by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America and marked safe for asthma patients. 


  • The installation process is very easy
  • Offers great value for your money
  • Great product for those residing in densely populated places
  • Presence of the HEPA filter technology


  • It is a bit expensive

You can buy it here:

Mi 2S Air Purifier

The Mi brand just stormed the Indian market recently, but it has successfully won the hearts of the consumers, due to its cost-effective, durable, and high-quality products.

The same can be seen in the Mi 2S Air Purifier, as it comes with a strong filtration system, has the ability to adjust its brightness automatically, among other useful features.

The major reasons why we have selected this product among our top picks are their 3-layer powerful filtration system and their cost-effective nature. Its outer layer helps in getting rid of macro air-borne particles such as dust, hair, among others, while the middle layer gets rid of harmful bacteria and micro-sized particles.

The inner part is composed of activated carbon, which actively gets rid of odors, formaldehyde, as well as other dangerous substances. It has a special feature that lets you connect it to your Smartphone, to help in changing the modes, and seeing the room’s humidity and temperature. Also, it notifies the user, when there’s a need to change the filter.

It comes with a one-year warranty. Initially, the Mi brand only rendered its services online; however, it now boasts several stores, where customers can visit to get their replacements and repairs done. You can have a chat with their support team by visiting their website.


  • Operates silently and efficiently
  • Special features for night mode
  • Great for use in partially-closed environments.
  • Odor and allergen-free air
  • OLED display present
  • Monitoring and smart control feature
  • Scientific design


  • Cleaning the filters seems difficult.
  • The power cable is not long enough
  • The manual mode could be noisy
  • Replacing the filter could be expensive

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Coway Sleek Pro AP-1009 Air Purifier

The Coway brand is from Korea and has a great reputation worldwide in manufacturing durable and efficient home appliances. The Coway Sleek Pro AP-0509 Air Purifier features a HEPA filter of 3 layers that can run for a very long period, about 85000 hours.

It has a high-quality sleek design as well as a sturdy built. Also present in the design is an LED light indicator that turns pink anytime the air is a bit polluted and red, anytime the quality of air is poor. Also, it shows a blue color, anytime there is high-quality air.

Its filtration process takes place in three stages: The pre-filter gets rid of heavy pollutants and large dust, then the Urethane carbon filter removes the harmful gases present and bad odor, and lastly the HEPA filter gets rid of PM 2.5 particles.

Another great feature here is that its control options are user-friendly. However, it doesn’t come with controlling options and AQI reader, which has been included among its cons.


  • It operates silently
  • Consumes less power
  • Stylish and compact design
  • One-touch control for airspeed


  • The turbo mode is noisy
  • AQI reading is absent and it can only be controlled manually.

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Honeywell HAC25M1201W Air Purifier

Honeywell products are well-known for their high-quality and high performance, and the Honeywell HAC25M1201W Air Purifier is not left out.

This air purifier is certified by the ECARF, due to its ability to deliver high-quality air, which it achieves by eliminating microscopic allergens found in the air.

It successfully made it into our list because of its great features which include: utilizes 3-layer HEPA filter, it is productive relative to its cost, and comes with a 3D suction method, which ensures that air is distributed and circulated throughout the whole room.

Also present is a washable pre-filter, which gets rid of pet dander/hair, soil, and large dust particles, etc, and ensures the overall life of the HEPA filter is greatly improved.

Other great features that make this air purifier highly-rated include auto mode, sleep mode, anti-fall/child-lock system. It also gets rid of toxic gases, odor, formaldehyde, and VOCs. Its filtration system works in three stages, which gets rid of pollutants with over 99% efficiency.

This product is Ozone free and is great for those who live in less-crowded areas.


  • 3D air flow
  • Unique certifications’
  • Air cleans quickly and powerfully
  • Child lock feature present
  • Fan speed and multi-modes
  • Compact and stylish design


  • Timer absent and filters cannot be washed
  • Its higher fan speed could generate more noise

You can buy it here:

Philips AC2887/20 High Efficiency Air Purifier

The Philips AC2887/20 High Efficiency Air Purifier functions via three pre-settings, which users can select from, which include bacteria, viruses, and general modes.

Using any of these three modes, you can be sure of high-quality air. Its filter lifetime can be calculated, taking into consideration the operating time, airflow, and indoor pollution.

One great feature of this purifier is that it operates quietly, ensuring that family members get the required sleep without any disturbance. The lights can be dimmed or turned off with ease on the UI to give higher comfort.

It also features the VitaShield IPS technology, with which air delivery rate can be boosted up to about 344 m3 per hour; this ensures that ultrafine particles, with size as small as 20 nm, are eliminated. Also, it prevents harmful gases such as VOC and formaldehyde from spreading.

This air purifier can get rid of 99.9% of bacteria, proving its high-efficiency compared to many other products on the market. Air sensors easily detect tiny air pollutants; however, they fail to when it comes to viruses and bacteria. This is what makes this air purifier special because it boosts air flow and increases the amount of air exchanged every hour.


  • Its filter is completely ozone free
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Gets rid of virus and bacteria


  • Not suitable for multiple rooms

You can buy it here:

Buying Guide

What is an Air Purifier?

An air purifier is a device that helps to eliminate air contaminants or pollutants present in a particular area. This device helps to improve the quality of the air in the surrounding area.

Some indoor pollutants such as dust, chemicals, smoke, pollen, pet dander, and odors need to be gotten rid of to allow fresh air. According to research, indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air.

How does an Air Purifier Function?

There are two main components in an air purifier: the fan and filter. The filter in this device can be single or multiple, depending on the type of brand you choose. The fan sucks the air inside and dispenses it out. At this point, the contaminants and impurities are eliminated, and the clean air will circulate in the surroundings.

The filters in air purifiers are made of materials such as paper, mesh, or fiber. Regardless of the filter type, regular and proper cleaning should be done to maintain good performance and efficiency. Therefore, it is important to consider the cost of maintenance before purchasing an air purifier.

Features to Consider when Choosing an Air Purifier

When choosing an air purifier for your home or office, you need to consider some important features. Choosing the best air purifier can be quite frustrating since there are a lot of brands available. We will be discussing the important features you should look out for in an air purifier.

Type of Air purifier

There are different types of air purifiers and the one you choose depends on where you intend to use it. Some people need this device in a single room while others need it for the entire house. Air purifiers come in three different types which are portable air purifiers, whole-house air purifiers, and commercial air purifiers. Each of these air purifiers serves different purposes.

The portable air purifier is also known as room air purifier. It works well for single rooms like bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, etc. This type has no heating or cooling system, making it transportable. You can turn this purifier on when people are in the room. The whole-house air purifier is a perfect option for people who look forward to purifying the entire house. This purifier can be connected to an existing heating system.

This type of purifier is super efficient as it can improve air quality within a few seconds.  The whole-house air purifier features durable filters and doesn’t require much maintenance. The commercial air-purifier is ideal for large areas like halls, warehouses, offices, lounges, malls, etc. This type can get rid of 99 percent of pollutants in large spaces.

Room size

This is another important feature you need to consider. Since different types of air purifiers can suit your needs, it is very important you pay attention to the size of the room you intend to place it. Check the room space to know if the air purifier is capable enough.

 If you want to be certain, you can calculate the room size by measuring the width and length of the room, and then multiply to get the result. For multiple rooms such as the kitchen, bedroom, and living room, you will need to add up the area of all rooms to determine the total capacity you need.


You can improve the result you get from an air purifier by placing it in an appropriate place. Ensure you position the air purifier where there is enough space around to avoid anything interfering with airflow. Placing the air purifier against any obstacle can reduce the level of its performance. Place an air purifier about 7 feet far from the headboard when using one in the bedroom.

Air purifiers featuring HEPA or carbon filters utilize fans to suck air in and out. Such air purifiers should be placed 2 to 3 feet away from furniture or wall. Avoid placing them behind the couch or under the bed, this can reduce performance. Air purifiers with ionic filtration are best placed in the center of the bedroom.

Energy consumption

Air purifiers are powered by electricity and as such, need a constant supply of electricity to function. Therefore, if you are considering how much you will be charged for electricity bills, it is advised you do a proper calculation to know how much energy is consumed by an air purifier.

Most air purifiers available in India use up between 50 watts and 200 watts. To know the amount of power consumed by an air purifier, you can look out for the energy star rating before purchasing.

Filter Replacement

Apart from upfront costs, there are some costs you incur on the replacement or maintenance of the filter. Some models come with two different types of filters, in such cases; you will need to get each of them replaced individually at different time zones. The usage and air quality determine the lifespan of a filter. Carbon and HEPA filters need to be replaced often since they won’t function well if clogged up.

If your air purifier comes with any of these filters, it is important you check out the manufacturer’s instruction on the duration of filter replacement. Usually, it takes 3 months to 1 year to have them replaced. However, the ionic filter is the best as it is cost-effective.

Noise levels

Air purifiers make a noise, however, the noise level varies, depending on the fan’s speed. Purifiers having HEPA or carbon filters require fans to function well. Most of these fans feature two-level speed; high and low. Some high- performance models feature 5-speed levels such as high, low, medium, automatic, and turbo.

If you intend to place the purifier in the bedroom, ensure you get a brand that doesn’t make too much noise.


This is a very important feature you need to consider. Different brands offer different warranty periods. The duration of the warranty provided by a brand is a good indicator of how efficient the products are. Some air purifier brands offer a 1-year warranty while some offer up to a 5-year warranty.

It is advisable to go for brands that offer warranty for parts, this will enable you to get some parts replaced or repaired when damages occur. Popular brands are known to offer long-term warranty for their products.

Other features

To make things much easier, some brands provide other features. These features can add up to the cost of an air purifier. Other features like programmable timer, digital controls, antimicrobial treatment, casters, plasma-wave technology, air quality sensor, a nightlight, fan speed, and programmable timer are provided by high-end brands.


Overall, your budget determines the type of brand you buy. Air purifiers are available at various prices. Sometimes, the price of an air purifier reflects its quality. There are high-performance brands that offer additional features like remote control, digital control, pre-filter, filter replacement indicator, and carrying handle among others.

However, there are also affordable air purifiers for people working on a tight budget. You should always consider the brand you are purchasing.

Benefits of Air Purifiers

Air purifiers offer a lot of health benefits to people. It doesn’t only eliminate pollutants, but it also helps to fight airborne allergens produced by pets. Below are the benefits of air purifiers:

Eliminates bad odor

Air purifiers are known for getting rid of bad odor in the house. Some unpleasant odors that come out of stale food and burnt food can make breathing quite uneasy for you. With an air purifier, you can always breathe in and out fresh air.

Trap allergens produced by pets

You may love your pet being around you, but this your friend release airborne allergens like dander and fur. Air purifiers trap these contaminants before they get to settle in your home.

Get rid of airborne bacteria

Airborne bacteria like mold spore and pollen float in the air, which can cause sickness. Therefore, air purifiers get rid of these bacteria and allow you to live healthily.

Trap dust

This is one of the benefits of air purifiers. Dust is everywhere and they can settle in your home, no matter how much or regular you tidy your home. This device traps dust before it settles in your home.

Related Questions

Are air purifiers safe to use? Air purifiers are very safe to use. They can be used anywhere in the home without worrying about any potential hazards. However, Ozone-producing air purifiers are very unsafe to use as they can cause respiratory problems. Utilize HEPA or ionic air purifiers.

How often do I need to use my air purifier? According to manufacturers’ instructions, air purifiers are to be used 24/7. When you turn it on at first, you can program the fan level to be at the highest, but after a while, you can change to automatic.

Should the windows be left open when using air purifiers? For maximum efficiency, you will need to close your windows when using an air purifier. If you leave your windows open, you won’t get effective results.


Air purifiers are available in different prices and offer different features. These devices have both environmental and health benefits. The best air purifiers reviewed in this guide have proved to be effective at eliminating bad odors.

These devices do not just eliminate bad odors, but they trap dust, get rid of airborne allergens, and also provide fresh air in a room. When purchasing these devices, it is advisable you look out for the above-mentioned features.