Google has rolled out the all new Instant Messaging app named Google Allo. To begin with, let’s not forget some facts such as Google tried buying WhatsApp in 2014 but failed to do so as it was outbid by Facebook. WhatsApp is surely the most used Messaging App now, with over a billion daily users. Google Allo is a step in a direction to beat down the WhatsApp popularity with something that further automates how we text.

Developers at Google understand the fact that texting has a lot of future potential, as the world is drifting away from conventional laptops and computers to mobile phones. May be texting will take over the whole mailing system one day and Google knows it. And that is why they are targeting this market segment. They rolled out the Google Duo app a few days ago, Google Duo was aimed at video calling between two users but it couldn’t keep up the pace it started off with and soon after getting 5 Million downloads and #1 position on top charts of Play Store in just 9 days it fell down to #127. Google Duo’s ratings have fallen down too and people are extremely disappointed with certain issues such as app not being able to focus properly.

Now coming to Google Allo, it was launched on 21st September and it has got the same 5 Million downloads in just 5 days and the response is almost static. The rankings have fluctuated a bit but not too much – it has shifted from #1 to #8. Google Allo is being dubbed as an incomplete product by many people because of its inability to work with various devices, you cannot use it on your PC, and it has some support issues to name of a few. All this can lead to Allo’s downfall but there are certain features that make Allo a totally different kind of messaging app. It has got features like Smart Reply which is more of a virtual assistant, SHOUT that lets you change the formatting, INK that lets you play with the pictures you send. Google Allo needs a few updates and it’s ready to take on the WhatsApp. People who have adapted to WhatsApp might find it awkward to try Allo because of its complex looking features but at the same time – it can be a great change too.

Here is an Infographic that shows the best five features of Allo and why you need to give it a try.